You are currently viewing GiGi EV Price Reduced by Rs7.5 lacs in Pakistan

GiGi EV Price Reduced by Rs7.5 lacs in Pakistan

GiGi EV Price Reduced by Rs7.5 lacs in Pakistan.

Electric Dreams Get More Affordable: GuGo GiGi EV Price Slashed in Pakistan!

Pakistan’s automotive landscape is buzzing with price adjustments as major players like Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, and Kia react to a competitive market and fluctuating sales.

Now, the trend extends to the electric vehicle (EV) segment with GuGo Motors announcing a significant price drop for their GiGi EV.

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This news is a boon for eco-conscious car buyers seeking an affordable entry point into the world of electric mobility.

GuGo GiGi EV: A Budget-Friendly Electric Option

Previously priced at Rs. 4,650,000, the GuGo GiGi EV has undergone a substantial price reduction of Rs. 750,000. This brings the new starting price down to a much more attractive Rs. 3,900,000.

This price slash makes the GiGi EV a compelling option for budget-minded individuals and families looking to embrace a cleaner and more sustainable way of driving.

Compact Style with Essential Features

The GiGi EV boasts a compact hatchback design with some resemblance to the MG Comet. It offers features like keyless entry, illuminated emblems, and a sleek, curvy exterior. Essential features like bumpers, brake lights, reverse lamps, and parking sensors ensure a safe and functional driving experience.

However, potential buyers may want to consider the 13-inch tires and the presence of non-functional diffusers, which might not appeal to everyone.

Charging and Range:

The GiGi EV promises a convenient charging experience with a 6-hour charging time. According to GuGo Motors, the car boasts a 220 km range on a single full charge.

The car’s battery is designed for 3,000 charging cycles, with efficiency dropping to 70% after hitting the 500,000 km mark.

GuGi Motors and the Future of E-Mobility in Pakistan

GuGo Motors’ price reduction strategy signifies a crucial step towards making electric vehicles more accessible to the Pakistani market.

With a more competitive price tag, the GiGi EV has the potential to attract a wider audience and contribute to the growth of the country’s EV sector.

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